Sally facilitates creativity and runs workshops for all ages and abilities including:

  • Children & Families

  • Young people aged 14-19

  • University students

  • Adults

  • Deaf and Hearing people 

  • People living with Dementia 

  • School groups

  • Home Educators

  • Community Theatre groups


​She has worked with organisations including London Bubble Theatre Company, International Community School, Empowering Deaf Society, Lewisham Youth Theatre and Bright Shadow.

All workshops Sally offers are tailored to the abilities and needs of participants and can be connected to a range of stories and ideas. Existing workshops are outlined below. To discuss the needs of your group, please get in touch with Sally directly. 



Sally led an innovative workshop with Theatre Design students, which addressed a range of issues relevant to designers entering the profession. This examined the hopes and fears of the students from the perspective of a recent graduate who is managing the complex world of creative freelance work today. Meeting Sally inspired the students, and gave them the enthusiasm and confidence to foster their creativity, whilst attending to their personal wellbeing, to maintain their student and professional lives ahead.

— Pip Nash, Head of Theatre Design        Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

Existing workshops include:

  • Who am I? (Peter Pan & Captain Hook)        4-11yrs  /  11-18yrs

  • Imagining Futures                                          4-11yrs  /  11-18yrs

  • Puppet Making                                                            Various ages

  • Working With Others, Working For Yourself 
    (Professional practice & self care) 
                        14-18yrs  /  18+

  • Bring It To Life! (Book, plays & poems)        7-11yrs  /  11-18yrs

  • Model Making for Art & Design                              9-18yrs  /  18+

  • Fairy Craft                                                                    Various ages

  • Building Utopia                                               7-11yrs  /  11-18yrs

  • Explorers of the Forgotten Island                                      5-12yrs

  • Seasonal Craft activities
    (Christmas, Halloween, Midsummer, Easter, etc.)   Various ages

  • Pop Up Cards                                                               Various ages

  • Talks on the design process, model making,
    working at scale, etc. for children & young people


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