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Femme Fatale

1968, New York. Nico, The Velvet Underground’s glamorous front woman, is waiting to shoot Andy Warhol’s latest movie, when her room is invaded by Valerie Solanas, writer of the radical feminist SCUM Manifesto. 

Valerie wants the celebrity’s help to spread her message of female revolution – but Nico craves only drugs, to insulate her from her stalled career and traumatic past. A darkly comic battle begins. 

With women’s ownership of their stories and bodies still firmly on the news agenda, Femme Fatale draws parallels between 1960s feminism and today.


Director: Nathan Evans

Designer: Sally Hardcastle 

Lighting Designer: Sophie Bailey

UK Tour 2nd-21st September & 8th-27th October 2019 The Clapham Omnibus

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