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Hot House

Dystopian crisis rages outside a garden of Eden greenhouse. The girl grown there to save the world yearns for anything else. Guilt, repression and sense of self are explored in this hot-housed coming of age, experimental drama.

“Cabbages. Cabbages… Cabbages. Cabbages. Green. Grow. Still. Sow. Stagnant. Fragrant. Feelers. Creeping across soft skin. Bring face to the sun. Heat lamps. Sun. Feet still in the soil when skin’s in the sky.”


Director: Georgia Hardcastle

Designer: Sally Hardcastle 

R+D scratch performances at The Garage (Norwich) and The Bedford (Balham) June 2019, Rehearsed reading Crossrail Place Roof Garden September 2019
Photos courtesy of: Sam Papidas & Jade Boothby

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