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Matipo is a new company co-founded by Sally and Georgia Hardcastle in 2018. Their debut production Fleeced opened at the Bread and Roses Theatre in August 2018 and later transferred to The Space. 2019 has seen the R&D phase of their latest project, Hot House, culminating in a rehearsed reading at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Canary Wharf.

Matipo is focused on new writing and has multiple projects currently in development. 

To programme Fleeced or Hot House or to discuss other projects and commissions, please contact Sally or Georgia at s.r.hardcastle@gmail.com or g.k.hardcastle@gmail.com .


Generations battle in a tug of war. Somewhere, a girl chooses between being a name or a number. Avatars strive towards the end of their video game. A boy struggles to get served at an off licence. Stories emerge and overlap in this energetic dark comedy exploring our identities and how we construct them, as part of a flock that feel Fleeced.

Previous audience reactions to Fleeced:

"Like an episode of Black Mirror with the added boost of recreational drugs. Energetic and interesting."

"Original. Very Funny. Loved it."

"Technology is going to eat us all one day."


Writer & director: Georgia Hardcastle

Designer: Sally Hardcastle 

Lighting Designer: Chuma Emembolu

7th-11th August 2018

Photographs by Jade Boothby and Sally Hardcastle